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Virtual at-home challenges kicks off!

Learning while having fun and navigating this difficult time is no small feat for any parent or caregiver. Let’s face it; we’re all tired of wondering if having our kiddo work in our garden counts toward community service hours or working through yet another puzzle. Finding socially-distant-friendly activities can make you want to crawl back under the covers, but don’t despair. The Dumb Friends League Humane Education team is here to help with engaging summer challenges!

Just because League summer camps, youth volunteering and other unique opportunities at our shelters are cancelled due to COVID-19, doesn’t mean kids in kindergarten through 12th grade can’t have fun!

Our Humane Education team put together a six-week challenge filled with various contests benefitting pets, local neighborhoods and the League—all while empowering our youth to stay passionate about animal welfare. And, it’s free!

There are six unique contests that include using chalk art skills to collecting trash in your neighborhood. Kids can bounce around between challenges and get creative—in fact, that’s encouraged!

“We hope that this contest helps kids be creative and get outside while empowering them to care for pets,” said Amanda Kludasch, humane education manager. “Getting outside and keeping passions alive for our furry friends is important during this time.”

The contest runs through July 24, and there will be one winner selected by our panel of judges for each challenge. Plus, a grand prize winner will be chosen for the person who participates in every challenge and wows the judges!

It’s challenging to keep kids occupied this summer (or, really, anytime). But, when passion and creativity mix with learning and possible prizes, that’s a win/win! Visit today to learn more!

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