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Veterans Day at the Dumb Friends League

Each year the Dumb Friends League waives adoption fees in honor of Veterans Day for current and former military, uniting some of our bravest citizens with their new best friend. This holiday has become a favorite day for staff and volunteers at the League – and this year was no exception.

For 2020, the adoption special was available for the entire week of Veterans Day, helping create 22 new families, starting bonds that will develop into a lifetime of love and happiness. Below are just a few of our favorite stories.  

Sally and dog, Janet       

Sally came to the League on Veterans Day with hopes of finding a new companion. When asked why she wanted to adopt, Sally mentioned that she was “lonesome and wanted a forever friend and companion.” And, when Sally saw Janet, it was love at first sight. Sally remarked that she just “looked like she belongs in our family.” Sally lives with her son Sean and grandson Noah, who came along for the initial meet and greet. Noah will help exercise Janet, who is a 5-year-old pit bull and is excited about his grandmother’s new canine companion joining their family. Sally served in the Air Force and Marines for 15 years from 1966 through 1981, and despite her mask, you could tell Sally was all smiles when meeting her new best friend. 

Nathaniel and dog, Ciara

Nathaniel, a veteran of the Army, came to the League looking for a dog with his girlfriend Rachelle and her son Mason. With no pets currently in their home, they were excited to welcome a new companion. The family was drawn to Ciara because they were looking for an older, more experienced pup and at 8-years-old Ciara fit the bill. Ciara bonded quickly with the family, and they were excited to welcome the friendly and goofy pit bull into their lives.

Michael and cat, Kersey

Michael came to the League to adopt after learning about the waived fees for veterans. He served in the Navy for six years and had a cat previously who suddenly passed away. Finally, ready to adopt again, Michael came to the shelter with a list of cats he was interested in meeting. But, as often happens, walking through the kennels, he met Kersey and felt an immediate bond with her, saying she “looked chill and let me pet her through the crack at the top of the glass.” Kersey was one of the longest stay cats at the shelter. Michael mentioned that learning about Kersey, he was touched that they have a similar story, both having been alone for a while and (he joked) both were getting older. Michael is excited to have a new companion and would like to adopt a second cat soon.

Waived adoption fees were made possible by the Petco Foundation this Veterans Day. A 50 percent adoption discount for veterans and active military is offered by the League year-round, courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

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