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The story of a resilient dog named Millie

Millie’s arrival at the Dumb Friends League happened in a time of uncertainty. A time when shelter operations were drastically different, and the State was in lock-down due to COVID-19.

In addition to these challenges, it was a mystery what caused the young dog’s injuries. We knew little about the 5-month-old standard poodle and worked to piece together the rest of her story to help provide her with the lifesaving care she so desperately needed.

No matter what was happening in the world, and despite all the other uncertainties, one thing was clear, the League would be there for Millie, just as it is there for the thousands of pets that enter the shelter each year.

Millie arrived at the League on March 29. Earlier that day, her owner had discovered her weak and lethargic at the bottom of their stairs. Their veterinarian found what appeared to be burns inside Millie’s mouth, likely caused by electrocution. Unable to afford care, they relinquished Millie to the League.

Millie was immediately taken back to see a veterinarian to assess her injuries further. It was there we confirmed that the burns on Millie’s face, around her eyes and in her mouth, were likely caused by her chewing on an electrical cord. It was also discovered that she was limping on her back-left leg and x-rays showed a broken femur and pelvis that would require surgery to repair.

Under the watchful eye of the League’s veterinary services team, Millie began to recover. Her burns would take a long time to heal fully, but her affectionate personality started to blossom as she got more comfortable.

Once well enough, Millie was sent to a foster home until she could have surgery on her broken leg.

With each passing day, Millie was progressing. Her leg surgery was completed; she continued her recovery journey until she was finally ready to start her final chapter at the League that would lead to meeting her new family.

Millie’s burns healed, and well on her way to fully recovering from her leg injury, she was ready to meet her future people. And, despite the challenges of COVID-19, it didn’t take long for the apricot poodle to capture one fortunate family’s hearts–a family who waited to meet the dog of their dreams and who, after being paired with Millie, told us, “It took us over three years to find our perfect match, but I’m so glad we waited. We are so fortunate to have found Millie. She is an extraordinary dog, and you would never know that she had such a rough start. She is resilient.”

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