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The power of collaboration

Sometimes, it takes a village when it comes to helping an overwhelmed animal owner. Recently, the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center was a part of a group effort to remove horses in need safely and give them opportunities for second chances.

Drifter’s Hearts of Hope, a Colorado horse rescue, contacted the Harmony Equine Center and other organizations for assistance when an owner closed his trail riding business and could no longer care for the 53 horses.

Ultimately, Harmony took 23 horses, Drifter’s Hearts of Hope took 10, Terolyn took 7, Colorado Horse Rescue took 11 and Safe Landings took 2 horses. Previously, Harmony staff worked with these groups, and many send horses to Harmony for training.

When the horses arrived at Harmony, they were initially quarantined as part of the process and received dental work, teeth floating, vaccinations, farrier work and dewormed.

Harmony staff is evaluating the horses to see where they are in their training process. (None of the horses required any rehabilitation work.) “They are a nice group of horses and are in good physical shape,” said Garret Leonard, former director of the Harmony Equine Center. “They are being trained a few days a week now.”

While some horses have already been adopted from Harmony, the majority will be available for adoption in the next month or so.

“Working with our compassionate community is one of the foundations of the work we do at the League,” said Leonard. “When you can work with other groups, it benefits all of us.”

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