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The best is yet to come for Trigger

Do you remember Trigger, the sweet 12-year-old dappled palomino? Trigger’s story drew outrage not just in Colorado but across the country when video surfaced of the sweet horse being dragged the length of a football field behind a moving pickup truck, his hooves losing their grip on the snow- and ice-covered road.

People were outraged watching Trigger’s nightmare unfold—and then felt relief when he was seized by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office and brought to the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center for medical care, rehabilitation and love. Trigger began the Harmony training program but at a slower pace to make sure every experience was positive due to the nature of how horrendous his last encounter was when he was saddled.

When he was ready, Trigger’s calm demeanor and indomitable spirit in light of his horrendous ordeal caught an adopter’s eye.

“When I heard about Trigger, I thought, ‘I’ve got a perfect place for him to live out his life and give him a place to enjoy,’” said his adopter. (To respect both Trigger and his adopter’s privacy, we have chosen not to reveal the adopter’s name or the location of Trigger’s new home.)

In July, Harmony staff delivered Trigger to his new ranch, and he made friends right away with two horses, a calf and even a baby cow. In fact, Trigger acted as if he had lived in that barn his entire life, which was reassuring for everyone.

Trigger is now one of 20 horses and continues to make progress. His adopter, who has a deep love and appreciation for animals, said Trigger is adjusting wonderfully and enjoys treats, being brushed and eating his hay a certain way—and that would be munching at the hay at the bottom of the pile. When his adopter spends time working with him, she’s sure to fluff up the feed so that Trigger can easily get to it–all the while, talking to him so that he gets used to her voice.

Recently, Trigger was turned out into one of the ranch’s smaller pastures, and he immediately started running, bucking and having the time of his life with another horse. In a few weeks, he’ll be turned out into a larger pasture with the rest of the herd.

“Trigger will not be ridden, and I’m going to let him be a horse,” said his adopter. “He’s thoroughly enjoying his life, and he’s healthy, doing well and thriving.”

Trigger’s kind and even-tempered spirit prevailed that November day. His courage is both inspiring and heartwarming, given everything he endured. Now, the sweet horse found a beloved home.

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