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Sully, like most border collies, typically has a happy, bouncy and affectionate personality—that was until the 10-year-old dog started drooling and chattering his teeth. Concerned for his health, Sully’s person brought him to the Dumb Friends League Solutions – Veterinary Hospital.

Quality care for a dog in need

The Solutions – Veterinary Hospital provides high quality, low-cost veterinary care to pets whose owners may not have had access to help otherwise. Sully was no exception. When League veterinarians examined him, they discovered that he was suffering from more than a broken tooth, as the owner had initially expected. The affectionate dog had severe dental disease and an oral infection that was causing him significant pain and impacting the quality of his life.

Sully’s personality comes back as his mouth heals

To alleviate Sully’s pain, veterinarians removed 27 teeth and repaired two oronasal fistulas (an area where a hole has formed between the oral and nasal cavity). Sully did great during the procedure, and his owner reported that they have “noticed such a difference in his personality, he’s like a puppy again!”

Sully was just one of the more than 5,500 sick or injured animals examined at the Solutions – Veterinary Hospital last year. Thanks to donations from our compassionate community, we can bring comfort and care to pets like Sully.

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