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Second chance at a new life for a puppy in need

Introducing Riley. A sweet, spunky 4-month-old puppy who arrived at the Dumb Friends League like many other pets, as a stray after being found by a good Samaritan. Despite the similarities she shared with other pets, there was something different about Riley, and December 14 marked the first day of a new, and much improved life for the little puppy.

Just looking at Riley it was obvious she was not well; her skinny body was covered in hair loss and scabs, and she whimpered in pain as she scratched at her raw skin. Riley was examined by League veterinarians who discovered she was suffering from a type of mange called scabies, causing her skin to be so itchy that she was scratching herself to the point of injury.

The League veterinary team carefully treated the young pup. Giving her medicating and soothing baths to help alleviate her itching. And, as time went on, Riley began to recover. Her spunky and affectionate personality shined strong through all her treatment.

After weeks of treatment Riley was finally ready for the next big step in her life, finding a forever home. Groomed, healed and happy it came as no surprise that she quickly caught the eye of a lucky adopter. Riley, now named Indie, has settled in with her new family who reports that “she has calmed down, is kennel trained and is still working on leash training.” Thanks to a raw diet, Indie’s coat is healthy and shiny now, and she loves hanging out with her new, human, baby brother.

It’s thanks to support from generous donors like you that we can help pets like Indie. Your donations mean second chances at a new life for the more than 21,000 homeless pets and horses that arrive at our shelter each year. To make a lifechanging gift, visit today.

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