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Reuniting lost pets and owners

It can happen in an instant and become a pet owner’s worst nightmare—your dog jumps over the backyard fence, or your cat sneaks out the front door. In a flash, a million thoughts run through your head about what to do next to find your furry companion and bring him home. Now, the Dumb Friends League has partnered with Finding Rover to increase the chances of happy reunions.

Finding Rover is a free service that uses facial recognition to help reunite lost dogs and cats with their owners. The platform can be accessed via an app or online and is shared across animal shelters and welfare organizations throughout the country, and starting mid-June, every stray dog and cat who arrives at the League will be registered in the Finding Rover shared database.

So, what can you do if your little Houdini escapes and becomes lost? Visit and:

  1. Upload your pet’s photo
  2. Enter the required details about your pet
  3. Enter your name, email address and ZIP code

A database query using your pet’s information searches for similar-looking animals who have been submitted by shelters or by people who found an animal. The platform also works if you found an animal. Just upload their picture, enter information, and a search matches that photo with the photos of pets who have been reported missing.

“Finding Rover is an exciting new opportunity to use technology to help reunite pet owners with their lost companion and allows owners to search multiple shelters from one site,” said Duane Adams, vice president of operations at the Dumb Friends League.

In addition to helping locate your lost pet, Finding Rover can also help you find your new best friend–even if you’re not sure what kind of dog or cat you’d like to adopt–by using their patented technology to match a photo of a pet you would potentially like. Upload a picture to, and the database will display adoptable pets with similar characteristics, or even a doppelgänger for your pet!

The League is always looking for innovative ways to reconnect lost dogs and cats with their owners and keep our community safe. Finding Rover is another tool to make those happy endings a reality.

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