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Pits at the polls!

Denver residents have a new ballot measure that they will be voting on come election day. On Monday, August 17, Denver City Council voted unanimously to send a replacement of the pit bull ban to Denver voters on November 3. The latest version would repeal the current ban and replace it with a “pit bull probation” that would allow pit bull owners to keep their dogs in the city of Denver if they register them with animal control under a special breed license. Then, if the dog has no violations within a three-year period, they will just need to be registered as every other dog in Denver.

The campaign to pass the measure the ballot initiative is beginning to take shape, and there will be lots of opportunities to get involved. The Dumb Friends League will be supporting the campaign, and we hope you will help us by reaching out to your friends and family and, of course, by voting YES in November! Then, come visit us and adopt your next pittie pal!

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