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Pit bull “Probation” Proposal ends with Mayor veto

After successfully passing out of Denver’s City Council with a vote of 7-4, the recent attempt by City Councilman Herndon to modify the Denver pit bull ban was vetoed by Mayor Michael Hancock. In his first veto in three years in office, the Mayor defied the decision made by City Council stating, “After deep reflection and consideration, I find that I cannot, in good conscience, support this legislation.” Mayor Hancock expressed concerns about the current 20 percent compliance rate for dog registration in Denver and ultimately concluded that lifting the put bull ban would create an increased risk to public safety. You can read the full statement here.

Denver City Council could have overturned the veto with a “supermajority” vote but fell short by one person. However, discussion was had by multiple council members about the possibility of referring a pit bull ban repeal to Denver voters in November. A referral was not voted on in the most recent City Council meeting but remains a viable option for the future.

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