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Mr. Cat’s reunion will melt your heart

Mr. Cat was missing for four years or 48 months, which is 208 weeks and equals 1,460 days (and nights) or 35,063 hours. The now 8-year-old domestic shorthaired feline’s tale is almost too much to believe. Almost.

Years ago, the kitty appeared at Nicole’s in-law’s home and took quite the liking to her father-in-law, Jim. Everyone in the family became attached to Mr. Cat, especially Jim, who spoiled the feline with attention. Initially, Mr. Cat came and went at his leisure, but he began to spend more and more time at the house and tail wagged his way into the family’s hearts. Literally. The family believed Mr. Cat was part dog because he followed them and wagged his tail with intent like a pup!

“One of my favorite things about Mr. Cat is his name,” said Nicole’s daughter Mercedes. “My Pompo was the one who named him, and at first it was just something to call him. But, eventually, it became his actual name. We tried to give him a different name when it became clear that he was sticking around, but nothing suited him. He was already “Mr. Cat,” or, when I felt like being funny, “Señor Gato.”

Jim passed away in 2014, and Mr. Cat became depressed and missed his favorite human. “He wouldn’t really eat or come around much,” said Nicole. In time, that changed, and Dora, Tiana and Mercedes took over Jim’s spoiling of Mr. Cat and showered him with love and attention.

When Dora sold their home and relocated to a new city, Mr. Cat did not adjust well to the move and sometimes hid … until the day he disappeared. The family thought Mr. Cat got scared and ran off, and they assumed a coyote found him. Everyone was devastated. “All we could remember was what a cool cat he was and how he really brought the family together,” said Nicole.

The next four years saw many changes for Nicole and her family. Nicole and her husband divorced, both Tiana and Mercedes moved out of state, and eventually, Nicole remarried. As happens, life moves on.

One day, a beautiful cat named Smoke arrived at the Dumb Friends League. The patron explained that he found Smoke as a stray a year ago and decided to keep him, but, now, another cat in the home was bullying him. During the League’s intake process, we learned that Smoke had a microchip, and lo and behold, Nicole’s information was still attached to the chip and the cat – Mr. Cat, that is.

“I was in absolute shock,” said Nicole. “I wondered how in the world my name and number were attached to him. Then, I remembered I took Mr. Cat to the veterinarian, and while I was there, I decided to have him microchipped.”

Nicole, her girls and Dora were thrilled to hear Mr. Cat was alive, safe and in our care, and, after nearly four years, Mr. Cat was reunited with his family!

Mr. Cat hid for the first few nights, but Nicole gave him his own space with food, water and a litter box. Eventually, Mr. Cat wandered around the rest of the house, seeking attention and belly rubs and hanging out with the family.

“Both girls cried when they heard the news,” said Nicole. “They needed Mr. Cat back in their lives. It’s given them another way to be close to their grandpa’s memories. He was more affectionately known as Pompo, and he loved, loved, loved that cat. And, the feeling was mutual for Mr. Cat. Dora was emotional to hear that Mr. Cat was found, too.”

Nicole sends Tiana and Mercedes videos and photos, so they can see Mr. Cat, but, in a few weeks, he’ll be packing his bags (and carrier) for a reunion with the girls.

“The year my parents divorced, my husband and I moved,” said Tiana. “I left my dog Ivy in my dad’s care for a time (she’s back with me now, and I think she’ll be very happy to see Mr. Cat again), and Mr. Cat disappeared. It was a rough year. Learning that he somehow made his way back to us was very emotional for me. June is a hard month being reminded of the loss of my Pompo, so knowing he will be back with me in June is such a blessing. My grandma said it best, “If only you could see how big my heart is right now.”

“You can see a lot of people care about this cat,” said Nicole. “He is special indeed and has a way of winning your heart! Who knew a cat could bring a family together like this? I would have never imagined.”
Mr. Cat’s reunion was made possible, in part, due to his microchip identification implant. All cats and dogs are microchipped prior to adoption from the League. If your pet was not adopted from the League, consult with your veterinarian about having your pet microchipped. It’s a simple procedure that only takes a few seconds—and will give you the best chance of being reunited with your furry family member.

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