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Life wouldn’t be the same without Max

“There is something to appreciate when there is no time limit on how long an animal stays while waiting for their forever home,” said Lisa. “We really wanted to support an organization that provided such a dedicated commitment to doing everything they can to ensure the best outcome for placements of their animals. Far too often, the sick, neglected, injured or elderly animals are given up on and that is just not what happens at the Dumb Friends League.”

Lisa’s husband, Christopher, is active duty with the United States Air Force. For the past 11 years, he was stationed at F.E Warren Air Force Base, doing maintenance on the nuclear missiles in Northern Colorado, Eastern Wyoming and Western Nebraska. When the family was looking for a small companion for their 11-year-old Silky Terrier, Macy, they began doing some online research and learned about the League.

Let’s backtrack a bit and meet Muk, a 2-year-old Terrier mix, who arrived at the League as a transfer from the Pagosa Springs Humane Society. Little was known about the pup other than he was found as a stray. During his initial evaluation, Muk was a bit tense and kept his tail tucked, but staff noted he did warm up a little as the examination progressed.

Around the shelter, Muk was known as a bright boy who loved receiving all the pets and hanging out with other dogs. He was a bit anxious to walk on a leash, but he continued to make progress, and that’s all you can ask for, right?

“I’ll never forget walking through the aisles looking at the available dogs, and right as we were about to look at another area, we noticed Muk (who is now known as Max) run in at last second,” said Lisa. “He was wagging his tail and trying to see around the bigger dogs. He then ducked his head under another dog to peek out, and it melted my heart.”

With a face that no one could resist, Max had a new family—one that included four humans and three other rescued canine siblings. Oh my!

Max’s days begin with morning walks along with Macy, and then he likes to lounge on the couch–most often where he can sunbathe.  “Max has his favorite spot on the couch where he will jump up and push the cushion down and then lay down on top of it,” said Lisa. “If we are sitting on the couch, he will lay down at the top and put his head on one of our shoulders.”

While Max is particularly close with Macy, he’s just as happy playing outside with the other two shepherds. “My favorite thing that Max does is when he gets in from playing outside with the Shepherds, he immediately goes to find Macy to give her kisses–like he’s showing how much he missed her,” said Lisa. “Macy is quite older and likes to be in bed most of the time.”

Sweet Max follows the family wherever they go, and he especially enjoys cleaning up the floors after meals—and with four young kids, who can blame him? Another favorite of Max’s is the kids. “He is so gentle being fed treats from the kids and often takes naps with our youngest,” said Lisa. “Max is very affectionate and gentle with everything he does, from eating out of your hand to giving you kisses. He is overall just very mindful of what he does.”

At the time of Max’s adoption, the family lived in Wyoming, but they recently moved to Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, where they will be for the next five years.

“Life is quite the adventure with four kids and four dogs, but we wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Lisa. “Max has found his forever four-legged pack and his forever home. Every night I go to sleep knowing that Max is no longer on the streets. He will always have food, a bed and a family that loves him along with treats and toys to last him a lifetime. Max is home.”

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