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It’s good to be the King

By the time King arrived at the Dumb Friends League Leslie A. Malone Center, the almost 2-year-old pit bull and Chinese Sharpei mix already lived with two families. While not everything about King’s short life was known, like how he received the older looking wounds/scars on his face and tail, League staff learned a bit about the sweet pup’s most recent history.

The patron who brought King to the shelter shared that she received King from a friend who wasn’t able to care for him, and, after only having him for two months herself, she decided he was too energetic for her. And, since she was moving to an apartment, he would be better off in another home. The patron said that King was friendly around other dogs and had done well at dog parks, and he liked children and adults. King did have a few accidents in the house, though, and the patron wasn’t sure why.

King did well during the League’s intake process, but he was fearful and slow to approach people. Staff enrolled King in the League’s K9 Courage program, which works with dogs to increase their tolerance for situations that caused the fear, and he graduated after only a few sessions. This pup caught on fast and gradually relaxed over the sessions and grew to meet staff at the front of his kennel, but that didn’t mean he didn’t need humans with patience to work with him to continue to improve any less than desirable behaviors.

King was one of the Dumb Friends League Pittie Party guests, and he was known as the athlete. We joked there’s always that party guest who isn’t quite ready to give up their glory days, and, if King could speak human, he’d love to share his dog park accomplishments and tell you he’s ready to join you in a marathon. He also might even give you a run for your money in jumping!

Danielle and Nathan came across the Dumb Friends League web site and read about the Pittie Party. The couple lives in an area with no breed restrictions, and they wanted to introduce a dog into their family, which had one cat. If you can fall in love with an animal just by his description, that’s just what happened—especially when the couple learned that King could join them in their quest to be active!

“King was pretty scared at first, and he was shaking the entire way home,” said Danielle, “but he was very sweet with us and friendly!

It didn’t take King long to warm up to Danielle and Nathan. The first night, King slept in bed with the couple. Clearly, this pup likes his comfort! “My husband wasn’t too happy with the idea, but we felt honored that he was comfortable enough to do it,” said Danielle. “He slept through the whole night, which was a huge relief to us.” Now, King enjoys the comfort of his own bed, which is right next to his humans.

“We are still teaching King how not to jump or nibble on our hands, but it’s been a fun learning process,” said Danielle. “King has been such a great addition to our family.”

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