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First shelter dog in White House

At Dumb Friends League, we love to see dogs succeed, so it is not surprise that we were thrilled about the nation’s first rescue dog moving into the White House! We knew this news would be very popular with some of our current residents, so we interviewed them to hear their thoughts on First Shelter Pup, Major.

“I am very excited about Major moving into the White House,” said Nokk, a fellow German shepherd and animal welfare enthusiast. “He can show the nation that rescue dogs make great leaders and companions!” 

“I am happy for Major, but did you know that Major isn’t the first dog named Major to live in the White House?” barked Bluetick Coonhound mix and historian Tate. “Franklin Roosevelt also had a German shepherd named Major.”

“I bet the kitchen in the White House is STOCKED with treats!,” howled Paul, a pit bull mix and distinguished foodie.

 “That’s great that there will be a shelter dog representing the United States, but what they really need is a First Kitty…and I think I am up for the job!,”  shared domestic shorthair and future politician Binks.

Needless to say, we wish Major, and his brother Champ, all the best in their new home! To find the next First Pup (or Kitten) of your house, visit us at

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