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Energetic pups or aloof cats: these pets are looking for their forever homes

Have you heard the saying, “There’s a lid for every pot”? No? Well, it means that whoever you are and no matter what you like or are like, there’s someone for you. This adage doesn’t just pertain to humans. At the Dumb Friends League, we believe that there’s a perfect home for every adoptable animal in our care. Some homeless animals might just need a bit more time finding their pot … errr … home. Pets like the ones profiled in this article.

Regardless of breed, when you’re looking for a new companion, finding the right fit for you, your family and lifestyle, including the personality, health and energy level of a pet, is essential for a relationship to succeed. So, learn more about our featured pets and see if there’s a match!

Daisy (A0816120) is a 3-year-old spayed pit bull terrier who arrived at the League from one of our transfer partners. A few things to know about this sweet pup … Daisy isn’t impressed by peanut butter treats, she loves to sit in laps, she’s easy to leash and walk, and she can jump a 4-foot fence. Impressive! Daisy is quite strong and with energy to spare. Our veterinarians treated Daisy for a torn ACL from an unknown injury before she came to the shelter, and the pup started treatment for heartworm – both conditions require a little extra TLC from her new family. (Daisy requires restricted activity, but don’t worry. Our staff will teach you how to manage a high-energy dog who needs to take it easy for a bit. Daisy also needs to continue her course of heartworm treatment with a few appointments at the shelter and at the League’s expense.) Daisy needs to be the queen of the castle with a patient owner who is excited about working with her on staying focused, but she’ll catch on!

If 50 is the new 40 for humans, then 13 is the new 3 for Nicky (A0811707), a domestic medium-haired cat. Nicky was relinquished to the League with her sibling after their owners moved. The beautiful cat was slow to warm up to people, and she was quite an accomplished hisser. Nicky was enrolled in the League’s Feline Fortitude program to help her anxiety. While she graduated still earning high honors in hissing, her foster parent and staff believe that with a patient owner, Nicky will thrive. What do you need to know about Nicky? It may take Nicky a few weeks to adjust to her new home, she may not let you do a lot of handling while she gets used to her new surroundings, and she had some litter box challenges while at the shelter but not while she was with her foster family, so that’s a plus! If you give Nicky the time she needs to adjust, she’ll give you lots of love in return. This reserved kitty would love a quiet home with no children under 12 … also add plenty of chin scratches, soft beds and the occasional playtime session with a feather today, and you’re golden!

Leo (A0815690), a 3-year-old Mastiff mix, is the classic gentle giant. This friendly pup’s foster family raves about him. Leo is a fan of belly rubs, playing fetch and receiving lots of attention – and he’ll even let you know when he needs to go out! Leo can be a bit apprehensive when meeting new people, but he warms up with treats and slow, calm greetings. This sweet canine arrived at the League as a transfer, and he had a few medical conditions. Our veterinarians performed two surgeries on Leo – one to fix a ruptured ligament in his hind leg and another to repair a ligament in his knee. Leo recovered well with each procedure, but it’s important for his new family to continue giving him joint supplements and keep him at a healthy weight to manage his orthopedic disease and give this love his best possible future.

“A sweet, older lady who still thinks she’s a puppy” is how Pandora’s (A0820901) foster family described the 10-year-old pit bull mix. This pup loves to run, play and roll in the grass. Well, who doesn’t? Pandora is always excited to meet a new friend – especially one with treats – but she is not necessarily a fan of female dogs. If you’d like to lavish attention on a big cuddle bug of a dog (more foster family raves) and do not have other pets, Pandora might be the new furry companion for you! Let Pandora show you how much love she can give while you enjoy one-on-one time with her. Did we mention Pandora is easy to leash and walk? Plan on taking walks around the neighborhood while Pandora checks out the different smells, which is another one of her favorite activities!

Kiki (A0823275) is a handsome fella that is looking for his purr-fect home. Kiki is an independent and confident guy who is looking for his place in the sun. He is a quiet and handsome guy who will need you to take it slow. He is FIV+, but don’t let that stop you, FIV+ cats can live long and happy lives! He would prefer to be the apple of your eye, and the only animal in the home. He also prefers older kids (over 10). He will need a patient owner who can give him some time to adjust. Introducing him to a smaller room in your home, at first, would be best to gain his confidence in his new home. If you’re looking for a sweet and quiet cat, look no further than Kiki.

Meet Cupid (A0821923)! This amazing girl is super self-assured. She absolutely loves attention, but on her own terms. This girl has personality, and she will let you know when she’s grumpy, but Cupid can be very sweet when she’s relaxed. Cupid loves her quiet time to lounge around in the sun. She’s looking for someone to play with her, a quiet, low traffic home, and someone to teach her about the world she lives in. Cupid requests to not go to a home with children younger than 12 years due to her being a little more on the sensitive side. If your home sounds like the right fit, you might just be a perfect match for Cupid!

Please note:
Until it is safe to resume our routine adoptions procedures, we’ve modified our process to help animals find their forever homes.

For now, we are proceeding with virtual adoptions — meaning, patrons who are interested in adopting can pursue finding a new companion with the help of our adoptions team. If you are interested in adopting one of the pets featured in this article, please call us at 303.751.5772 and let us know the name and A# of the pet that you’re interested in.

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