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To say Daisy left an impression on staff at the Dumb Friends League is an understatement. In fact, it seems that this affectionate 2-year-old pit bull had that impact on everyone she met.

Daisy is a remarkable dog, and it only seemed fitting that she would have an incredible story. It’s best to get things started at the beginning, or at least the beginning of Daisy’s journey to her new life.

Homeless dog gets a second chance at a new life

Daisy was found as a stray dog in Oklahoma. The couple who initially discovered Daisy considered keeping her, but they recognized that she was pregnant and knew they couldn’t take on the cost or responsibility of caring for a dog and puppies. So, Daisy found herself at a shelter. It was here that she had her puppies. Three adorable mini-Daisys arrived and were whisked off to a foster home to be raised.

Daisy was a natural at being a mom. And, when three young puppies were orphaned after their mom was shot and killed, Daisy jumped at the opportunity to act as a surrogate – raising them as if they were her own.

After spending eight months in her foster home, Daisy’s foster parent worked to get the affectionate dog transferred to the Dumb Friends League where she said Daisy “would have better luck getting adopted.”

It was October of 2019 when Daisy left Oklahoma to start her new life in Colorado.

The beginning of the end of Daisy’s journey to a happily ever after

Every pet who comes to the League receives a behavior and health assessment to determine what they may need before being placed up for adoption. It was during this exam that it was discovered Daisy, despite all she had already been through, was still not quite ready to be adopted. League veterinarians found that Daisy was positive for heartworm and that she was limping on her back left leg. Daisy’s treatment for her heartworm began, and a plan to repair a ruptured ligament in her leg was created. She needed surgery and a foster home able to provide her with rehabilitative care. Daisy found just that, and healed and happy came back to the shelter with hopes of finally finding a forever home.

Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months. Daisy spent holidays and the new year at the shelter, hoping each day a family would pick her. As the weather warmed and winter turned to spring, significant changes were happening at the shelter in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Daisy would have to wait even longer.

It was during these trying times that Daisy’s personality blossomed. Despite everything that she had been through and everything that was happening, she maintained her affectionate and warm personality. Daisy became a source of comfort for staff at the League. She brought joy to these challenging times. Greeting everyone with her tail wags and gentle kisses.

It was almost as if Daisy knew the team at the League needed her during the pandemic, and as the stay at home orders lifted, Daisy finally found her home. After spending 231 days at the shelter, she met the family of her dreams.

League staff gathered outside the building to see Daisy off. Cheering her on and congratulating her new family, who report that “Daisy is doing super. She has filled a hole in our hearts, and we are extremely happy she is with us.”

There wasn’t a dry eye the day Daisy left the shelter, and the story of the little tan pit bull will not be forgotten at the League.

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