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Clear the Shelters – Community Heroes

It takes a village. Or, just a bunch of really incredible staff and volunteers at the Dumb Friends League to provide love and care to the more than 21,000 homeless pets and horses we serve each year.

August is Clear the Shelters month, and in addition to a goal of finding loving homes for 31 pets a day, for the 31 days of August, we are focusing on the people that make that all possible – our compassionate staff and volunteers – the heroes of our shelter. You can read more about our League heroes our Heroes Work Here story.

It’s important to acknowledge that all of our work at the League wouldn’t be possible without support from you – while our shelter is filled with staff and volunteer heroes, we are surrounded by a community of heroes whose compassionate support allows us to continue providing second chances and new beginnings to animals in need.

How can you help support homeless pets?

Let’s start with the obvious – adoption! Pet adoption is such an incredible gift for a homeless animal. When you welcome a pet into your home, you’re providing them with the ultimate gift of a family. In return they will give you unconditional love, plenty of laughs and all the warm cuddles you could hope for. Check out pets available for adoption at You can schedule your virtual adoption appointment with one of our adoption associates and head directly into happily-ever-after with your new four-legged friend.

If now isn’t the right time to adopt there are still plenty of other ways to get involved. If you’re able to, you can donate to the League. We recognize this isn’t something everyone can do, but if you have the ability, your gift will help the League continue to care for animals in our community.

You can also donate supplies or spread the word about the League and pet adoption on social media and to your friends and family. Starting a Facebook or Instagram fundraiser is a great way to spread the word while engaging your friends and family to support a cause you are passionate about. Or, it can be as simple as designating the League as your Amazon Smile recipient or King Soopers community rewards partner.

Thank you for supporting homeless pets

No matter how you get involved, thank you for caring about homeless pets and horses at the  League. Give yourself a pat on the back – the Dumb Friends League programs and services wouldn’t be possible without your support.

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