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C is for Cookie

What’s in a name? Well, when you already have one pup named Monster, and you’re hoping to adopt another who happens to be named Cookie, it’s like the stars … err … kennel gods aligned! “We couldn’t not have the Cookie to our Monster,” said Erika!

Sweet Cookie was relinquished to the Dumb Friends League with an injury on her leg. The patron explained her children found the friendly mastiff mix, and she tried to find a veterinarian, but none could see her until Monday. Knowing Cookie’s cut was severe, the patron brought her to the League.

League veterinarians determined Cookie had a serious degloving injury. (A degloving injury is caused by trauma whereby a large section of skin is torn off the underlying tissue, cutting off its blood supply.) Due to the severity of her injury, Cookie’s best chance for a better quality of life involved amputating her leg.

“When we went to see Cookie, we knew she only had three legs, but we were not aware she had just had her leg removed days prior,” said Erika. “When Cookie came out to meet us, she was just so happy and loving that we didn’t even meet any other dogs. We just felt like Cookie trusted us after only minutes, and we fell in love with her right away. All she wanted to do was lay in our laps, and she instantly connected with Monster. He was also very anxious when we first got there, but as soon as we took them both outside together, it was like they had been together for years, and it just fit. It was ultimately Monster’s decision, and there was no doubt he had picked Cookie.”

Cookie has been in her new home for almost a year, and Erika remembers that the first few days were a bit rough because Monster was a little nervous having a new friend, and Cookie was adjusting to having a new family and losing a leg. That’s a lot of change for everyone! But, day by day, things settled and bonds formed.

“Monster and Cookie are the definition of best friends, and they do everything together,” said Erika. “One of our favorite things they do is Monster will be standing up, and Cookie will come over to him and put her one front leg on his back. He will get a big smile, and start walking with her like that and she just hops along with him. We always say, ‘Cookie’s riding Monster,’ and they will do this all over the house.”

When she’s not hitching a ride with Monster, Cookie’s favorite things include food (and would eat all day long if her humans let her), birds (and gets so excited when they fly over the backyard) and her “baby” Foxy (her stuffed animal friend). “Cookie loves getting tucked in every night, and she sleeps with Foxy every night,” said Erika. “When we gave her Foxy, she actually ripped off the exact same leg on Foxy that she is missing. I guess she wanted her to have three legs, too!”

Cookie has a lot of energy and loves saying, “Hi” to the neighbors when the blinds are open, but when the evening rolls around, she snuggles up with her parents and has been known to give them the biggest smile they’ve ever seen.

“If you’re wondering how Cookie gets along with only having three legs, it doesn’t slow her down one bit,” said Erika. “She’s a crazy puppy who just loves life, and we have you all to thank for bringing us together! Thank you for all you do for the dogs of this community and we will continue to support and advocate for adoption as much as we can.”

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