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Bear: a tale with a tail

The Dumb Friends League has happy tales of all varieties—you know, pets that include dog tails, cat tails, and, yes, even hamster tails. Hamsters like Bear.

Bear was relinquished to the League when his owner moved and couldn’t take the little nugget of cuteness with him. Staff learned Bear liked pets, but he bit when he got scared and jumped when picked up. Even at the League, the scamp was prone to jump out of hands, but he did allow all handling in stages (the keyword being “stages”).

Rebecca’s home is filled with love, and she has a heart big enough to be a human to two dogs, a Goldendoodle and a collie, her service dog, two bearded dragons, a leopard gecko, two cats, one hamster and two fish tanks. Rebecca knew many pets needed homes, and she had a hamster previously before it met an unfortunate end. Enough said about that. So, through a virtual adoption appointment to adopt a hamster from the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center, Rebecca added Bear to her brood.

“My first impression of Bear was that he was handsome,” said Rebecca. “I learned he had a biting history and needed an experienced owner, and I knew I needed to adopt him. He also looked like Yogi Bear in ‘cow’ pattern. He was adorable, to say the least.”

Since adopting Bear, Rebecca hasn’t seen him exhibit any of the under-socialized tendencies he had in the past. “It has been extraordinary,” said Rebecca. “Bear is the most laid back cuddle monster, and he has totally helped with the loss of my first hamster.”

A few of Bear’s favorite things include:
• Burrowing into his more than six inches of bedding to sleep.
• Playing in his tunnel, which goes from his wheel to the top of the bedding where his food is.
• Enjoying a yummy treat of pumpkin seeds (in moderation though, so he keeps his figure).
• Making squeaking sounds to let Rebecca know it’s cuddle time before she goes to bed for the night.

In case you’re wondering how everyone gets along, Rebecca said that one of her cats loves just to sit and watch Bear and Peter (her other hamster) run on their wheels, her collie just sleeps next to them when they’re awake and running, and everyone is doing well!

“I want my house to be Bear’s last home so he can spend the rest of his life here,” said Rebecca. “I work with him, and he now loves to be held (when it’s not bedding change time because he doesn’t like that process), and he sits on my shoulder sometimes. I haven’t been able to snatch a picture because he does not sit still long enough to snap a picture.” That Bear. While he may be a bit camera shy, it sounds like Bear has found his new home.

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