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Against all odds: The story of a kitten named Oliver

This is the incredible story of a kitten named Oliver. A tale of love, acceptance and a little bit of luck. With the odds against him, fate had a different plan for Oliver, and nothing was going to stop this tiny kitten from finding warmth and safety on a chilly winter night.

It was February 10, with temperatures below freezing and snow expected later in the day and into the evening. Staff at the Dumb Friends League were working to provide second chances and a new beginning for the animals at the shelter. And, that was just what the tiny kitten named Oliver needed when he arrived after being discovered outside and alone that cold winter day.

When we say Oliver was small, we mean small. It appeared that he was just days old, his umbilical cord still attached. While we didn’t know Oliver’s entire story, it was clear that he wouldn’t have survived the night outside and alone.

A long road to finding a new home

Although Oliver was safe at the League, he wasn’t out to the woods just yet. League veterinarians worried that he was too young and weak to survive without the care of his mother. Kittens arrive at the shelter throughout the year, but it isn’t common to see a nursing mom during the winter months and staff worried bottle feeding a kitten so young wouldn’t be enough to save his life.

It seemed fate had a plan for Oliver. As it happened, earlier that very day, a cat named Valentina had given birth to three kittens. The League’s foster team quickly hatched a plan, called Valentina’s foster parent, who rushed over and picked up the kitten to see if she would be a surrogate for young Oliver.

Then, we waited. Waited to see if the family of felines would accept Oliver. The stars aligned yet again, and it seemed that Oliver was hers at first sniff. Valentina quickly welcomed the young kitten as her own. Nursing the very hungry Oliver, showing him love and saving his life.

Hours turned to days and days to weeks. Through it all Oliver was accepted. He had the warmth and safety of Valentina, playtime and cuddles from his littermates and love. Oliver not only survived, but he thrived.

As time went on, the tiny kitten with an uncertain future grew into a handsome young feline ready to meet his new family.

Homeless kitten adopted into the home of his dreams

Oliver’s life changed forever when the kind Samaritan brought him to the League that cold winter day. He went from being alone and cold to finding warmth and love.

Just one thing was left. The once tiny kitten, now grown and healthy, needed to meet his human companions. And, as fate continued to have plans for Oliver, he found a wonderful home. A home that would not just welcome him, but also his surrogate mother and brother. The adopter let us know that the crew is doing great and that, “Oliver, now known as Mikey and his brother Rafiki and mom Lady are all doing wonderful and have adjusted well into their new home. We absolutely love them all.”

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