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A dog named Burt Macklin

What’s in a name? Well, if you’re a dog named Burt Maklin, you know there’s a story involved. You may be familiar with Burt Macklin’s character in Parks and Recreation; the silly and most frequent alter ego of Andy Dwyer. Still, our Burt was named after a very similar-looking friend’s mastiff—and, well “Macklin” just happened naturally. While TV Burt Macklin hailed from the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, our Burt was found as a stray in Centennial, Colorado. Let’s learn more about canine Burt.

Burt Maklin, a 2-year-old mastiff, arrived at the Dumb Friends League Leslie A. Malone Center in early June after being found wandering at a local metro Denver elementary school. While nothing was known about Burt’s history other than where he was found, it was apparent that the pup was extremely underweight and dehydrated.

The emaciated pup weighed only 56.2 pounds and had hair loss on his tail and the right side of his body, along with a small circular wound and dental disease. But, despite his conditions, Burt was a sweet love of a pup. Our veterinarians suspected Burt Macklin suffered from a prolonged state of starvation and neglect.

With his rib bones visible, hips protruding and sunken eye sockets, Burt wouldn’t survive much longer without food or veterinary care. At first, Burt had no interest in eating, possibly because his finders fed him a lot of food, knowing he was hungry and desperate for nourishment. Burt began a diet of Hills® Prescription Diet® i/d® to address his multiple digestive issues. Even with no food, his stomach was sensitive, and he had intestinal problems.

Staff knew Burt Macklin would be more comfortable as he recovered outside of the shelter environment and in a home. The Dumb Friends League Homes with Hearts foster care program lets animal lovers bring pets from our shelters into their homes temporarily to prepare them for adoption. Every fostered pet has a better chance at a happier and healthier life ahead with a forever family, and the League’s foster parents are a dedicated group of volunteers who open their hearts and homes to animals in need.

In one week with his wonderful foster family, Burt Macklin gained an impressive four pounds! Over the next several weeks, Burt continued to recover, and his digestive challenges improved. As Burt slowly began to gain weight, his playful and affectionate personality began to show.

When Burt was ready, he returned to the Leslie A. Malone Center, and, almost a month after arriving at the League, the lovable pup recently found his new family. At the time of his adoption, Burt weighed 60.60 pounds, and he will now continue his weight gain journey in the comfort of his forever home.

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